Over the Moon's Pasture Raised Chicken

Our Values & Our Products

At Over the Moon, we raise animals that live well and nourish our communities through high quality, humanely raised meat.

We practice an "open cell" system of raising pastured poultry which means as soon as the birds are fully feathered and equipped to move from the brooder (a heated and protected area used for rearing chicks), they are out in electric netting that is frequently rotated. This means are birds are never confined and able to practice all of their nature instincts including foraging, dust bathing, and so much more. Plus this system allows us to move them onto specially planted cover crops, spent fields, semi-wooded areas, and continuously onto new pasture. 

There's no such thing as a fully "grass fed" chicken, duck, or turkey, since they are mono-gastric animals and cannot gain all their required nutrients from forage alone. We mix a high quality and species specific grain ration that are animals are given constant access and free choice to. 

All of our poultry is professionally processed as a USDA inspected facility, frozen, and stored in our IDALS licensed freezers. This allows us to offer you a product that we know is safe and can be sold retail, wholesale, and across state lines. 


Offerings: whole birds, bone-in breast, thighs, wings, drumsticks, feet, necks, and heart and liver.