Humanely Raised Meats

Iowa pasture raised turkeys looking curious exploring a new area of fresh pasture grass

chicken, turkey, and duck raised on grass

Pasture Raised Poultry

Savor the exceptional flavor of our poultry, raised on lush grass and nourished with locally sourced, non-GMO grains. From premium Thanksgiving turkeys to year-round selections of chicken and ducks, experience the epitome of quality and taste.

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Humanely raised, outdoor Berkshire hog standing outside in the dirt under the sun

Farrow to finish purebred

Berkshire Pork

Delight in the unmatched taste of our premium pork, meticulously bred and raised from start to finish.

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Nationwide Shipping & Eastern Iowa Home Delivery

We ship our meat nationwide every Monday and offer FREE home delivery every Thursday, year round.

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  • "I recently started eating meat again and wanted to buy from farmers who treat their animals humanely. Ordering was easy and delivery convenient." -Sarah G.

  • "The meat has been high quality, the flowers beautiful, and the customer service top notch (they are such nice people). Give them a try and you won't regret it!" -Ben P.

  • "What can one say about this amazing farm/business? Over the Moon Farm and Flowers provides THE BEST meats and flowers for whatever you are looking for." -Chris Y.

  • "We had the duck (the whole duck) on our stroll at Iowa city farmer market. And we feel so grateful to find these guys. They are amazing farmers with the wonderful duck: tender, good flavor.." Aimee P.

  • "As a matter of ethics, it matters to me that Over the Moon raises their animals humanely. I've been buying their pork at the Iowa City Farmers Market, and have been so pleased." -Lisa P.

  • "We were lucky enough to grab on of their Thanksgiving turkeys, and oh boy was it worth every penny! The bird was absolute perfection." -Katelyn T.


What's a CSA? 

CSA stands for Community Support Agriculture and you can think about it kind of like a subscription, but directly from your farmer and grown just for you! With both our Flower & Meat CSA's people pay ahead at the beginning of the season and receive their farm fresh goods throughout the duration of the share. 

What is your delivery radius?  

We currently deliver to Marion, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Manchester and the immediate surrounding areas. If you have a question about whether or not you fall into the delivery radius, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

We also ship out meats nationwide!

How is your poultry raised?

We raise our chickens, ducks, and turkeys on grass, rationally grazed on fresh pasture. Our birds are also fed a non-GMO grain ration provided by a local feed mill. All of our poultry is processed at a USDA inspected processor.

How is your pork raised?

At Over the Moon, we raise farrow (birth) to finish purebred Berkshire pork. Our pigs are raised outside when seasonally appropriate and fed a non-GMO grain ration. Our sows live their best lives and are able to raise their babies. We believe happy pigs lead to the best quality pork.

Are you open to the public?

At this time, we do not offer on-farm events and are not open to the public.