Meet Your Farmers

Welcome to Over the Moon Farm & Flowers -- a local Iowa farm, located in Delaware County, growing good food and flowers just for you. 

Meet Your Farmers 

Shae and Anna are co-owners and operators of Over the Moon Farm & Flowers LLC. We are proud to be part of the just 9% of farmers who identify as young producers, and the 26% of such that are under 35. Thank you for supporting our blooming business! 

A History of Family Farming 

Shae Pesek grew up on her family’s farm in Coggon, Iowa, where she and Anna farm today. She has been raising cattle and crops the majority of her life. Growing up Shae was heavily involved in 4-H and FFA. She showed goats, sheep, and rabbits that she continued to raise for over 20 years. Shae went to San Diego State University where she majored in Women’s Studies and was President of her queer-based sorority for two years. Shae continues to work with her family on the farm, as well as grow Over the Moon with Anna.

Finding Our Way Here 

Anna moved to Iowa from the east coast in early 2016 after graduating college and doing a brief stint working in a big city. Prior to her time in Iowa, Anna studied agriculture at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she was involved in the student run vegetable farm and the local food community. Her passion for agriculture grew from hearing stories about her grandparents’ former apple orchard in Northern California and from developing a close relationship to local dairy farmers near the town she grew up in. Anna now lives in Coggon, Iowa with Shae and is thrilled to be putting down roots in the place she has been so lucky to call home these past few years.

Our Story 

Over the Moon is a love letter, not only to each other; although it is that too. But to our community, the land, the animals that sustain us, the blooms, and big skies. It's a love letter to our wildest dreams, younger selves, and to the next generation of this community too. 

We fell in love feeding bottle calves through the constant rhythm, the caring, the contentedness, patience, and the deep commitment to place. So much of that became what we hoped to carry forward. 

Unwavering, nourishment. 

Over the Moon was dreamed up in Grandma's garden beds where we first started growing cut flowers in 2018 and still grow many today.