You Might Be the Perfect Fit for Over the Moon if....

You Might Be the Perfect Fit for Over the Moon if....

Have you been trying to decide if you're a good fit for our farm community? READ THIS POST!

You might be a good fit for our farm community if......

  • You live in Delaware, Jones, or Linn County Iowa
  • You have a loved one in assisted living that you would love to gift weekly or bi weekly flowers to 
  • You're a storefront or office that would enjoy a weekly bouquet
  • You live rurally, work third shift, can't get off the farm, don't drive, or any of circumstances that make our home delivery so convent and essential for you and your family. You deserve good food and flowers too. 
  • You love delicious, high quality meats including poultry, beef, and pork. 
  • You want to know your farmers and supporting a vibrant future of agriculture in Iowa fills your cup. 
  • You might now know if you're exactly the right fit but you're willing to give buying form your local farmers a try!
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