What is a Flower CSA?

What is a Flower CSA?

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture," is a model of production where customers typically pay ahead before the growing season and then receive their "share" of the goods all throughout the summer (or growing season). You can think about a CSA like a subscription but with a way more personal touch. Joining a CSA means being part of a community, knowing your farmers, and being an integral part of the growing season. 

You may be familiar with a vegetable CSA where you sign up and then receive a box of veggies throughout the season. 

Our Flower CSA follows that same model. So let us run you through exactly how it works! 

Step 1: You sign up before the growing season begins. Sign ups are currently open and will likely close early this spring once we're full. 

If you would like to sign a loved one up for the share, that's one- a great gift idea and two- totally possible. Please specify in the notes who the share is for and where it should be delivered. If you would like a printable gift receipt we can do that too!

Step 2: We (your farmers) are able to accurately plan for the growing season ahead by making field plans, ordering seeds, and preparing for an abundant spring and summer of flowers. 

Step 3: You receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers for 16 weeks right from our farm from June through September if you chose the Full Summer Share. We also have a half share option where you receive bouquets every-other week all summer long or our Spring Share where you receive 4 bouquets total. 

Having trouble deciding which one works best for you? We would be happy to chat. 

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