What Does it Mean to Purchase a Whole Hog from Our Iowa Farm?!

What Does it Mean to Purchase a Whole Hog from Our Iowa Farm?!

If you've heard about purchasing a whole hog (or other animal) and haven't been quite sure what it's meant, this is the blog post for you! 

Purchasing a whole or half hog is a common way for farmers to sell their animals direct to consumer, while having a greater range of butchery options that are "custom except." This means that the person who owns the animal can get it processed to eat, but that the meat is not licensed for resale as individual cuts.


But don't worry too much about the jargon. In our case, all of our hogs go to a federally inspected facility and are licensed for resale AND can be sold in bulk as whole and half hogs. 

So how does it work? 

1. Reserve a whole hog on our website!

2. We (your farmers) take the hogs to the processor in mid-November. 

3. You place your cut order online + you can always give special instructions over the phone, which means you get exactly what you would like, how you like it. You can look at the cut sheet here --> https://nordikmeats.com/pork-cutting-instructions/

4. We pick up your pork from the processor and delivery it right to you home! 

5. You enjoy a bulk quantity of delicious, Berkshire pork at a wholesale price. 

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