We Want to Tell You About FarmRaise!

We Want to Tell You About FarmRaise!

As farmers and small business owners, there is so much that happens behind the scenes. One of our most critical roles is to maintain good records of our finances and we wanted to share about this awesome resource we discovered in 2023. We would never share about a product that we weren't actually using or didn't think was absolutely worthwhile for other folks to give a try!

FarmRaise is a multi-use platform that includes an extensive grant platform, supports FSA, USDA Cost Share application, as well as gives you access to a very user friendly cash flow tracking app. 

At Over the Moon, we love supporting other women owned and founded platforms whenever possible and that is jut one of many reasons FarmRaise has been a great asset for us. 

If you're interested in giving the software a try please check out www.farmraise.com and you can use OVERTHEMOON20 for a discount at checkout!

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