Eastern Iowa -- It's Time to Reserve Your Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey

Eastern Iowa -- It's Time to Reserve Your Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey

Before you say “oh my gosh July is too early to be thinking about the fall.” It’s true, BUT reserving early means one less thing to think about when November does come around.

We’ve had folks asking to reserve this years turkey since last year when they cooked up one of our birds!! So the flood gates have OPENED and pre-orders are in full force.

Our turkeys are raised with the utmost care, and what we believe to be the highest quality of life.

How to Reserve Yours

1) Click the link on our website to put down your $50 deposit and get the peace of mind knowing you won't have to think about it till this fall. 

2) Pick up or we'll deliver you're turkey the weekend before Thanksgiving. We can also make alternative arrangements if you are having an earlier or later celebration. 

3) Join the club of folks LOVING our pasture raised, high quality turkeys

What Our Customers are Saying

"We ordered a pasture raised turkey for Thanksgiving in 2021. This was the highest quality meet we have ever cooked. The turkey turned out juice and had such nice flavor. Getting the updates on the turkey's growth was also such a nice, human feeling touch. We will not get our turkey anywhere else. They also have a meat delivery program, it is a MUST try."

"We received a beautiful pasture raised bird from this small Iowa farm in 2021. We reserved this years’ bird as soon as orders were open!"

"The turkey was the star for our Thanksgiving meal. So many people asked where we got it. I was happy to tell everyone that it was raised no more than 30 minutes away. Knowing your farmer is important. Support local!" 

"Great people to do business with! The turkeys are wonderful."

"We had a great experience with a pasture raised turkey from Over the Moon last Thanksgiving. Very tender and tasty. Will order again!"



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