Winter Meat CSA: Highlight #1 Pasture Raised CHICKEN!

Winter Meat CSA: Highlight #1 Pasture Raised CHICKEN!

As we move towards December, we wanted to spend the next couple of weeks highlighting the nourishing food that will be included in our Winter Meat CSA🐓🐮🦃🐑🐽

So let's start with the basics. What is our Winter Meat CSA? 

Think of it like a monthly subscription box of our premium local meat-- delivered right to your door from December through February. Perfect timing for all that hearty cooking. The Meat CSA will contain a farmers choice box of our pastured chicken, Angus beef, heritage pork, and pasture raised lamb from our friends as Sundog Farm in Solon. 

So let's start our highlight series with the humble, but oh so delicious chicken.
Chickens take Shae's #1 spot of favorite animal to raise.
🌱They've lived their entire lives (besides brooding period) outside on grass + rotating through fertilizing and cleaning up flower and vegetable fields.
We feel confident they've had the best quality of life possible and are an awesome & important tool for improving soil health.
💐Chickens are an amazing compliment to our horticultural crops.
🇺🇸The chicken in the Share will be USDA processed (which basically means an inspector looks at the live animal and the carcass, does a tissue sample for residue etc and that we're allowed to sell in ways beyond on-farm pick up).
🥘AND we'll have whole birds and chicken by the cut...which is very exciting!!! We know it's nice to have both options and know how convenient it is to pull out just one packet of breasts or legs.
❄️Here's to a winter of enjoying high quality, humanely raised birds!
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