What Do Flower Farmers Do During the "Off Season?"

What Do Flower Farmers Do During the "Off Season?"

Well..our situation is a little unique since year round livestock production and meat sales is a pretty substantial part of Over the Moon. But this is a question we've been getting frequently on the flower front! Here's the short and sweet: 

  1. Fall bulb planting and field clean up or at least as much we can get done before the snow flies. 
  2. Prep for our Spring and Summer Flower CSA! Keeping up with the sign ups and the master spreadsheet is a job in itself and the number of sign ups help us starting planning for how much quantity to grow next year. 
  3. Seed orders! We've started looking through the Johnnys Seeds catalog that just arrived. 
  4. Reflect and adjust for the upcoming season. 

And with all that being said, in 150 days, we'll be back to delivering farm fresh bouquets. 

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