June Turkey Progress Report!

June Turkey Progress Report!

Time for a JUNE turkey progress report for these 7 week old birds!

🌱 Gobble Galore! 🦃 Our pasture-raised turkeys are growing everyday. 🌾🌞

We take immense pride in our commitment to humanely raised turkey production. By providing our turkeys with plenty of space to roam and express their natural behaviors, we ensure they lead a happy and healthy life. 🏞️🐔

With pasture-raising, our turkeys get to bask in the warm sunshine, peck and scratch at the earth, and spread their wings to their heart's content….and get into plenty of trouble, like these curious birds want to do.

Not only does this approach prioritize the welfare of our turkeys, but it also results in some incredible benefits for you, our valued customers! 🤗🍽️ Our pasture-raised turkeys produce meat that is exceptionally tender, flavorful, and nutrient-rich. 🍗💪

So, when you gather around the table to celebrate special occasions or simply enjoy a hearty meal, you can savor every bite knowing that it comes from turkeys raised with compassion and care. ❤️🦃

Join us on this journey of supporting sustainable and ethical farming practices, where we nurture the relationship between the land, animals, and ourselves. Come experience the difference with our pasture-raised turkeys at Over the Moon! 🌱🌟
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